Welcome to the world of effective insect protection with Repel, an iconic Kiwi brand with over three decades of unmatched expertise. Our extensive range of insect repellents is designed to keep you safe and comfortable whether you’re travelling, camping, tramping, or simply enjoying the outdoors at home.

Experience the Repel Advantage

  • Kiwi Excellence: Repel is a proud Kiwi brand that has been a household name for over 30 years. Our products are crafted right here in New Zealand, earning your trust through our commitment to quality and safety.
  • Varied Formulas: Our comprehensive range includes both natural, botanical-based repellents, picaridin and DEET-based products. Whether you prefer a fragrant shield against insects or the strength of DEET for high-risk areas, Repel has you covered.
  • Proven Performance: Repel stands as the top-performing New Zealand-made insect repellent, trusted by countless adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, and families alike.

Stay Prepared, Stay Comfortable

Biting insects can turn outdoor adventures into uncomfortable experiences, and in some cases, pose health risks. Repel’s comprehensive range empowers you to choose the protection level that’s right for your situation. Our commitment to quality and safety ensures you can enjoy the great outdoors with peace of mind.

With Repel, you’re not just choosing an insect repellent; you’re choosing a trusted partner for all your outdoor endeavours. Browse our range today and experience the Repel advantage for yourself. Your comfort, safety, and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Discover the difference with Repel and keep the bugs at bay, wherever your adventures may lead you.

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