Active Duty Camouflage Face Paint SPF 30+ with Insect Repellent Compact


A high quality camo face paint cream containing a broad spectrum sunscreen SPF30+ to protect against the harmful effects of the sun.
 It also contains IR3535 to repel insects.

Designed specifically for the New Zealand Defence Force who operate in extreme environments where effective camouflage and protection from the harmful effects of the sun and bug bites is mandatory.

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A dedicated, military, high protection formulation contains non PABA sunscreens to provide UVA, UVB and Infra Red protection at SPF30+ against sunburn. Based on 10 micron minimum application.

The pigment is dense and very opaque meaning a little covers a large area of skin to provide effective camouflage patterns. No drying time is needed, the finish is matte, aroma free and will not melt in the desert heat, or wash off whilst entering water.

Despite being water resistant, the formula easily washes off on contact with hot soapy water. It will not permanently stain uniforms or clothing.

Packaged in an easy to open, pocket size, impact resistant polypropylene compact, with an integral, unbreakable explosion proof silver sheet mirror.

Features & Benefits

An excellent product for keen hunters or those who go hunting as a hobby, who want an effective face paint, which will also protect from the sun and keep bugs at bay.

Easy application and is gentle on the skin.


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