Compact Single Mosquito Net


Compact single-sized Long Life Insecticidal Net treated with PermaNet which is accredited by the World Health Organisation (WHO).


Equip mosquito nets are the best quality, best designed and most technologically advanced mosquito nets available.

PermaNet is the first and only World Health Organisation accredited Long Life Insect Net (LLIN) available in Australia and New Zealand. PermaNet has a patented formula utilising Danish technology and was designed and manufactured under the supervision of European entomologists.

The LLIN treatment will last for the lifetime of the net, as opposed to other treated nets available on the market which need to be retreated regularly to remain effective. Don’t take a chance on a net that may not be working as effectively as it should.

Mosquito nets prevent the threat of vector-borne diseases such as Zika Virus, malaria, dengue and Ross River fever.


View our interactive world map to see the most common mosquito-borne diseases around the world and read our travel tips to stay safe when you travel overseas.

When visiting areas where mosquito-borne diseases are endemic, it is recommended that clothing is also treated with Permethrin to ensure complete protection.

Features & Benefits

This single-sized net is small and lightweight and was designed to be as compact as possible without compromising on safety.

It weighs only 240gms and folds up easily into a small carry pouch.

Packed down dimensions are only 9cm x 15cm without compression. Unpacked dimensions are 220L x 120W x 100H.

Equip mosquito nets are dust and flame retardant and will repel mosquitos for at least 2 metres.


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