Cotton Single Sleeping Bag with pillow insert


Equip cotton sleeping bag liners are made from 100% high-grade cotton treated with HealthGuard HHL Vital Protection technology, providing effective and durable “dual action” anti-insect and anti-bacterial protection to ensure a comfortable and healthy night’s sleep.


Being 100% high-grade cotton, this liner is luxurious and healthy.

The HHL Vital Protection technology is safe and environmentally friendly. It is state-of-the-art and has many benefits over ‘old school’ Permethrin treatments.

The treatment is long-lasting and washable.

The HHL Vital Protection technology helps protect against mosquitoes and biting insects whilst ensuring your liner is free from mould and other bacteria, odours and discolouration.

Features & Benefits

Used on their own in hot climates or in conjunction with a sleeping bag, these liners ensure you have a safe and comfortable sleep wherever you are.

They are perfect for use at home whilst camping or for travelling overseas and are an ideal accessory to pack for kids’ overnight camps. They fold up into a compact travel pouch.

They feature a flap in which to insert your pillow, providing additional protection for your head and face.

Dimensions: 225cm L x 88cm W


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